Test Prep

Taking the ASVAB? SAT? ACT? Some other test? Below are some good, free websites with study guides, practice tests, and flashcards:

College Raptor - Aside from test prep, this website has info on colleges and how to compare schools as well as info on paying for college and scholarships and majors/areas of study.

Khan Academy - Full-length SAT practice tests, tutorials, and more.

Method Test Prep - Free, 90-minute online SAT prep course.

OpenEd - After creating a free account you can use this site to study for the ACT.

PowerScore - Free SAT and ACT prep materials by clicking on the test name and going under "free help." There is also a blog with info about test prep where you can pick up useful tips.

Prep Factory - SAT prep. Don't need an account, you can answer practice questions as a guest. Also has "GrammarPlay," "WordPlay," and "NumberPlay" - three interactive games in which you can practice your SAT prep skills by challenging an opponent.

Union Test Prep - ASVAB, ACT, SAT practice tests.

Veritas Prep - Free ACT and SAT prep materials. Also a cool "SAT VS ACT" quiz that will help you see which test you will be more successful with. Another interesting feature - you can submit information about yourself (grades, sports, clubs, etc.) to the site and an admission counselor will tell you your realistic odds of getting accepted into your preferred colleges within 3 business days.
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