What Is A Database?

A database is a collection of sources (newspaper articles, magazine articles, journal articles, encyclopedia entries, etc.) that are appropriate to use/cite for school assignments. In general, sources found in databases are grammatically correct, contain minimal bias, and are written by reliable authors. 

FREE DATABASE: - Once there, at the left click on "...for High Schools" then enter your search into the green and white OneSearch textbox in the center of the screen.

The databases below have require a username and password to log on. The databases below all have the same log-in info:

USERNAME: watertownhs

PASSWORD: indians

American History Online is a good choice for finding information on historical figures and events.

MLA-formatted citations are provided. You can also print, email, or save articles to Google Drive.

Bloom's Literature is a good choice for finding literary analysis and criticism.

MLA-formatted citations are provided. You can also print, email, or save articles to Google Drive.

Issues & Controversies is a good choice for finding information about controversial topics like gun control and mental health.


Information is presented in an unbiased two-sided, "pro" and "con" style. 

Classroom Video On Demand is a collection of videos - some video clips and some full-length. Videos have closed captioning so that you can see the transcript. 

Don't forget! Videos can be used as sources for research projects - MLA citations for videos are provided.

Science Online is a collection of science resources - from articles on science topics to basic science resources like the Periodic Table.

An encyclopedia - has three different levels - elementary, middle, and high school. 

A good choice to back basic background information on a topic and find links to other reliable sources on the the topic.

The World Almanac is a collection of "numbers" - data, statistics, and facts on various topics from countries around the world. 

A good place to find basic information like the population of a country.


A collection of history resources including:

  • Information on the decades of the 1950s-1990s

  • Major events from prehistory-the 1600s

  • Important people from prehistory-the 1600s

  • Working Americans - information on the average American's life by the decade

  • Milestone documents in American history

  • Tried the databases and Google and still not finding what you are looking for?