Citing Sources

Why Use Sources In Your Work?

  • You are a high school student. You are not an expert on any particular academic topic. Using quotations from "experts" to support your original thoughts and ideas helps strengthen your writing.


How Do I Know If A Source Is "Good"? 

  • A good source is one that:

    • is recent (typically, not more than two years old)

    • written by reliable author (google their name to check their credential or scan the top or bottom of the source for info about the author)

    • is free from bias (does not take one side)

  • There is a checklist for evaluating sources available in the library - click on the word "checklist" to get a digital copy or stop by and pick up a copy if you are struggling to decide if a source is good or not.

How Do I Use A Source In My Work?

  • Quotations: Taking a sentence or phrase directly from a source and using it exactly, word-for-word in your work. Direct quotations must be put in quotation marks and must have the author's last name (if available - if not, use the title instead) in parenthesis at the end of the sentence but before the period. 

  • Paraphrases: Taking a sentence/sentences from a source and rewording them into your own words, but keeping the essence or jist of the author's idea. You don't have to put it in quotation marks but you still need to cite the source (author's name if available - if not, the title in parenthesis). 

  • Use Purdue's Online Writing Lab (OWL) for help with using and formatting both quotations and paraphrases. 

  • View this brief Slides presentation that provides an overview of preventing plagiarism and citing sources.​


Formatting Citations:


Don't Plagiarize - Your Teacher Will Know!

  • Don't believe me? Watch this SNL clip about plagiarism below!

Stuck on Where To Begin?

Watch the second video in the player above if you are struggling to develop a topic/thesis.

Help with APA?

Feeling comfortable with MLA formatting, but still not so sure about APA formatting? 

Below are some resources that can help you with the basics!

Here is an APA Basics Google Slides presentation as well!

MLA v APA.jpg
APA Bookmark single.jpg